The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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What were the atrocities committed against the Jews in Nazi Germany?

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Jews in Nazi Germany were beaten and abused at the start of the Nazi regime in Germany in 1933. However, the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 formally stripped them of their citizenship. During World War II, the Nazis began to carry out what they called the "deportation" of Jews from Germany and conquered territories. Jews were told they were being relocated to a new land, but this actually meant being taken either to a death camp or a concentration camp. If they arrived at a death camp, they were immediately gassed and killed. If they were sent to a concentration camp, they were worked to death and often "selected" for gassing when the camp got overcrowded, unless they were of the very few lucky enough to find some position that allowed them to survive. The Nazi plan was genocide, the murder of all Jews. They held the Jews responsible for Germany's and the world's problems. This is a deeply sick ideology. In the case of Anne Frank, she was "deported" to a concentration camp after the Nazis discovered her family's secret hideaway.

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