In "Winter Dreams," what atmosphere does the descriptive language used in part 2 create?

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It is of course in Part II that Dexter Fletcher meets Judy Jones once again, but this time she has flourished into an incredibly attractive and somewhat precocious young woman. What is interesting is that this reunion is accompanied by some incredibly vivid and beautiful description of nature. Consider the following example that comes straight after Dexter sees Judy Jones again:

Later in teh afternoon the sun went down with a riotous swirl of gold and varying blues and scarlets, and left the dry, rustling night of Western summer. Dexter watched from the veranda of the Golf Club, watched the even overlap of the waters in the little wind, silver molasses under the harvest moon. Then the moon held a finger to her lips and the lake became a clear pool, pale and quiet.

What is interesting about such descriptions is the way that they clearly point towards the beauty and depth of Dexter's feelngs. Dexter is presented as being a man who is very strongly attuned to the beauty of nature, which is notably personified as a woman, in the same way that Dexter is obviously attuned to the beauty of Judy Jones.

The atmosphere that is created by such language is therefore one of deep emotional romance as we see an expression of Dexter's feelings through the way that he interacts with the beauty of nature before him. This of course parallels the way that he responds to the beauty of Judy Jones.