What are some cause and effect relationships that occur in "By the Waters of Babylon"?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Because mankind grew so technologically advanced, they were able to develop great and wonderful conveniences and comforts.  Also though, they were able to develop dangerous weapons.  It was using those weapons that led to the "Great Burning," where mankind wiped each other out with nukes.  Knowledge and technology advancements led to destruction.

2.  Mankind was wiped out, and the survivors had little to nothing to survive on; as a result, they regressed to tribal communities that had to start all over again.  Cause--mass destruction; effect--tribal communities.

3.  Because of the radiation from the bombs, the tribes were not allowed to touch metal or go near the "Place of the Gods."  Cause--bombs; effect--strange rules and restrictions in the new societies that developed.

4.  John's spirit walk gave him visions and signs that convinced him that he was supposed to visit the place of the Gods.  Because he did, he discovered they weren't gods, but men.  Visions led to his astounding discovery.

5.  John's discovery will eventually benefit his entire tribe, and they will be able to reclaim a lot of what was lost in the destruction.  John's bravery will lead to wonderful blessings for mankind's development.

I hope that helps; good luck!