What does Athena ask of Odysseus?  

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Athena helped Odysseus arrive back home in Ithaca. She was also the first person that Odysseus met when he arrived from Scheria. Athena asked Odysseus not to tell anyone who he was. The goddess also requested him to be humble and bear any disrespect to him by the people he would meet.

"Bear everything, and put up with every man's insolence, without a word.”

Athena helped Odysseus store away the treasure trove he received from the Phaeacians and helped him plot his vengeance against the suitors. The goddess told Odysseus that she would disguise him and make him appear miserable and poor. He was also to visit the swineherd, who would inform him of what was going on in his house. During their conversation, Athena informed Odysseus that she had sent Telemachus on a voyage to gather information about him. This was expected to bolster the boy's image and reputation.

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