What are the associated conflicts? Provide two in the story and elaborate.

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In this story, an Indian woman named Shaila Bhave loses her sons and husband when a bomb explodes the plane on which they are flying. As Shaila copes with her loss, she is forced to deal with the culture clash in two directions, creating an associated conflict: neither fully Indian any more nor fully Canadian, she finds herself torn between the two cultures. She clashes with Western culture, but she also is not at home in India. 

Western culture is represented in Judith Templeton, a young social worker with blond hair and blue eyes who comes to offer grief counseling to the many Indians who have lost family members on the plane. She admits she doesn't know how to cope with a disaster of this magnitude, and has, as she says, no experience with the "complications of culture, language, and customs." She asks Shaila for help because Shaila has been described as calm and strong, "a pillar."  Shaila, however, has a negative reaction to Judith labeling some of the wives who have lost...

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