What aspects or activities display what Sundiata's superhuman strengths are in Sundiata?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might like to think about the first superhuman act that Sundiata carries out, just after he stands up for the first time. Clearly, the fact that he has struggled to walk for so long and has only crawled has been something that has caused him and his mother great difficulty. However, the way in which he finally manages to walk and then performs a superhuman feat of strength certainly shows his superhuman abilities. Consider the following example:

Behind Niani there was a young baobab tree and it was there that the children of the town came to pick leaves for their mothers. With all his might the son of Sogolon tore up the tree and put it on his shoulders and went back to his mother. He threw the tree in front of the hut and said, "Mother, here are some baobab leaves for you. From henceforth it will be outside your hut that the women of Niani will come to stock up."

This quote not only demonstrates the superhuman strength with which Sundiata has been bestowed, but it also of course identifies how important his mother is to him and what a devoted and loving son he is. This quote is the first of many such quotes that demonstrates Sundiata's supernatural abilities based on his judgement, wisdom and strength. The ease with which he is able to pick up a tree foreshadows his might in battle.