What aspects of Squeaky's personality would make you want or not want to be her friend?

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The answer to this question is left up to individual reader opinion about Squeaky. You can choose to defend why you would enjoy having Squeaky as a friend or why you would avoid having her as your friend. Personally, I think there is a lot to like about Squeaky. She has a natural affinity toward athletics, which gives her a lot of common ground with various other people. Beyond that, she is a dedicated person. This is made clear to readers early on in the story when she talks about how dedicated she is to her training regimen. This is the kind of personality trait that typically leads a person to being a dedicated friend, and Squeaky supports this notion with her intense defense of herself and her brother. She simply isn't one to back down from anybody when it concerns protecting someone close to her. That is a very admirable quality in a friend. Finally, Squeaky shows that she is able to reevaluate her initial opinion of people when she decides that Gretchen could be a good friend. That is a quality that I would want in a friend as well, because it shows that she is capable of thinking beyond initial snap judgments.

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