What aspects of society was Chaucer making fun of in The Canterbury Tales?

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The responses above are a perfect representation of the main "aspect of society" that Chaucer ridicules, namely the Roman Catholic Church.  Still, I am surprised no one mentioned anything about Chaucer's ridicule of the treatment of women, for Chaucer (kind of) gives us the precursor to feminism in "The Wife of Bath's Tale."

We learn a lot about the Wife of Bath both from "The Prologue " as well as "The Wife of Bath's Tale."  Her name is Alice, and she has been widowed five times.  Immediately, this shows her prowess over at least five male husbands (even if it is only prowess in regards to life vs. death).  The Wife of Bath is also very rich because of her choices in husbands (one at a time).  She is also an experienced traveler, even making a pilgrimage to the most holy of...

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