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What aspects of the Red Power Movement are still around today to help/assist/aid American Indians? How does the Red Power Movement help Indians today?

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The American Indian Movement is still an active Civil Rights organization. The website shows that the organization is still involved in several initiatives today. One of the main one is trying to get professional and collegiate sports teams who use Indians and mascots. AIM is currently petitioning the NCAA to force a change in policy, and a blog describes what progress that had been made.

AIM also operated an international branch that coordinates with other native peoples to try and force government action. One success was petitioning the UN to pass a resolution on the rights of indigenous people.

AIM is also involved in several legal actions, most notably the imprisonment of Leonard Pelletier. He was indicted in the murder of two FBI agents, but circumstantial evidence and a pervasive racism within law enforcement has led many to believe he is innocent, and AIM is at the front of efforts to get his sentence commuted.

AIM also helps fund several cultural and health programs for native reservations. They help build hospitals and provide medical care for kids and families all over the U.S.

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