What aspects of a totalitarian government are shown through Orwell's portrayal of Hate Week in 1984?

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The society in which Winston and Julia live is in the process of completely shutting off or reprogramming its inhabitants to deaden their natural instincts and channel the excess energy into the hate of Emmanuel Goldstein, the country with which the Party is at war with on any given day, and the others involved in the overthrow of Big Brother and the Party. The party does not want its members to experience any loyalties to anything other than the party. Any free time any Party members have is spent either sleeping or participating in community activities, one of which is Preparation for Hate Week and then Hate Week itself. Preparation for Hate Week and Hate Week itself are just other modes of programming the society to demonstrate their loyalty to the Party and its principles. It could be said that it's totalitarianism in its purest form because these people (with the exception of a few) are blindly following a system without ever asking why.

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