What aspects of Mrs. Pebbles and her life does Edie envy or admire? What things does she find off-putting?

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edie is quite taken with the luxuries she finds in Mrs. Pebbles' home, particularly her bright shiny kitchen with the new appliances and double sink and the pink bathroom with the three-way mirror. This is a big change for Edie who washed dishes at home in a dishpan by the light of an oil lamp. She admires Mrs. Pebbles lovely home, but Edie finds it strange that Mrs. Pebbles isn't more of a homemaker. She doesn't bake, for instance, while Edie takes pride in her own baking skills.

Mrs. Pebbles treats Edie well, but she isn't friendly. Mrs. Pebbles lets Edie know that she considers her to be hired help and nothing more. The social distinction is always present. Edie eats at the table with the family, but this is an exception to a rule Edie didn't know existed. It comes as a surprise to her. In her world, everyone is family and everyone eats at the table. Although Mrs. Pebbles stands up for Edie later in the story, she remains essentially unfriendly to her and Edie feels that she gets on Mrs. Pebbles' nerves.

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