How Does Mitosis Differ In Plant And Animal Cells

What aspects of mitosis are different in plant cells than animal cells, and why?

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Plant and animal cells both undergo mitotic cell divisions. Their main difference is how they form the daughter cells during cytokinesis. During that stage, animal cells form furrow or cleavage that gives way to formation of daughter cells. Due to the existence of the rigid cell wall, plant cells don’t form furrows. Instead, they from cell plate at the center of the dividing cells separating the two forming components. During telophase, plant cells phragmoplast forms in the center of the cell.

Animal cells have centrioles that support the organization of mitotic spindle and completion of cytokinesis. Plant cells don't have centrioles. 

Lastly, animal cells divide everywhere and all the time while plant cells divide in a specialized region called the meristems. 


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