What aspects of Edwards' sermon would be effective today ?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One aspect of Edwards' sermon that might resonate today is how the path of personal sin awakens the wrath of God.  It is an approach that many in the religious community take today.  Equating individual action with sin that triggers the anger of the divine is part of Edwards' approach that can be seen today.  Perhaps its resonance might not be as pronounced at the time of the Great Awakening, but the idea of human action displeasing the divine is something that is employed today.  

Edwards' language might not be as effective today as it was at the time.  Yet, the condition he articulates is seen today.  For Edwards, the idea of God's anger and how individual sin angers God is a part of this condition.  It is one that seeks to inspire individuals to change their ways and strive to become better.  Fear of God's anger is the motivation tool that one can see in Edwards' work that can hold relevance to the modern setting.  It is in this where the desire to become better is motivated by the consequences of God's anger, an aspect of self- interest that is still intrinsic to the modern dialogue of spiritual worship today.

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