What aspect of our human nature do we need to focus on or master if we were to get a modern day world without sin in a "Garden of Eden"?What aspect of our human nature do we need to focus on or...

What aspect of our human nature do we need to focus on or master if we were to get a modern day world without sin in a "Garden of Eden"?

What aspect of our human nature do we need to focus on or master if we were to get a modern day world without sin in a "Garden of Eden"?

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Sin is such a general catch-all reference to anything and everything that mankind does that can be considered immoral or wrong.  It's hard to narrow it down to one silver bullet moment in the Garden of Eden that might have saved us all a lot of aggravation. 

Humans seem almost inherently violent, so if we go back to the Cain and Abel story in the Bible, and remove our capacity or our tendency towards violence, then society would certainly be a much better place.

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Lori Steinbach | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I'm with missy575.  The root of all sin, it seems to me, is selfishness--the idea that what I want supercedes anything and everything else, including the laws of God and man.  Since you mention Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, you undoubtedly understand the root of Eve's sin was selfishly wanting to have what she was convinced (by the serpent) she should be able to have.  If we could eliminate selfishness, I think, we'd have a chance to re-create Eden. 

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We could definitely focus on sincerity and leading honest lives. It is natural to make mistakes which later you understand and regret. It is commendable to fix those mistakes and turn them into acts of goodness. What is NOT ACCEPTABLE is to go around the world preaching around how others should feel, act, and behave while you are doing exactly what you are telling them not to do. Every time I see another Pastor, or another Priest in the news being accused of money laundering, sexual abuse, extra marital affairs, and things of the like my blood boils. How much better this world would be without hypocrites and people who do not lead by example.  How angering it is to see people calling themselves holier than though while sticking the knife in the back of their neighbors. Ah. Grr!

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This would certainly have quite a bit to do with exactly what you believe. I think to overcome sin, our culture would have to deal with the issue of selfishness. Similar to greed, but not exactly the same, selfishness may not necessarily have anything to do with items, but everything to do with not being able to let go of one's own goals, wants or desires long enough to ask God what He wants. Beyond that, we fail at exercising patience, thus we would need to wait to be able to hear what he might have to say.

Many disciplines in our lives need to be either established or attended to anew. Reading a bible, praying, and serving others all contribute to a person naturally growing further away from sin.


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This really depends on what you think is the most basically sinful aspect of human nature.  To me, the most basically sinful aspect of who we are is greed.  So I would say we would have to get rid of our greedy nature to become sinless.

I believe that our greed tends to lead to pretty much all of our sins.  We can be greedy for money, we can be greedy for power.  We can be greedy for sex.  If you take these three forms of greed, you can pretty much cover every kind of sin outside of things like idolatry.

So I think that greed lies behind all our sins and therefore we would have to get rid of greed in order to get rid of sin.

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I think human nature itself is aware of what a sin is?

And whenever a human commits a sin his/her nature criticizes them somehow. And if we need a world without sin then we need to have a standard model first. We need a criterion to act upon and that criterion should be the best religion of the world.We need a system which believes in the unity of God so that there is unity in the earth and then you can have a world somehow without sins.