what aspect of the novel " the lovely bones" do you connect with the most?what aspect of the novel " the lovely bones" do you connect with the most?

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I connect with the character of Jack. As a parent, I can imagine no grief greater than losing a child. I would not stop searching until the killer was discovers, and I have no doubt that I could then take the law into my own hands. What I don't understand is the mother who having lost one huge piece of her family, through the others aside in an effort to heal herself.

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From the first page, I connected with the narrative voice.  At the time I read The Lovely Bones, I had never read a novel in which the narrator was dead.  I thought it was quite clever on the part of Sebold to attempt a nonstandard narrator.  Through Susie's narration, I felt a range of emotions as the details of her murder and her family's grief unfolded.  There is such suspense when her family gets close to finding her body and she cannot reach out to them.

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