What aspect of Gandhi's philosophy of civil disobedience and non-violence do you most strongly agree or disagree with? (Want some opinions for doing my research, thank you!)

gsenviro | Student

I agree with the philosophy of non-violence, however, a combination of civil disobedience and non-violence is a working solution, as was seen during the incident of Chaura-Chauri (where an angry crowd killed and burnt police officers).

The idea behind civil disobedience is to stop cooperating with the government in all aspects of life, which simply means all the work would stop, be it the postal service, transportation or schools/colleges. The philosophy of non-violence means that no matter what treatment is given to someone, he/she will not retaliate with violence. While both of them alone are powerful tools to bring the government to its feet, together they may not work. Civil disobedience is a proven tool and apart from Gandhi's struggle in India, it has proven its worth in a number of countries. It may lead to people giving up their allegiance to the government and bring the country to a complete halt, thus forcing the government to listen to the plight of the oppressed.