What arrangements were made to take Gulliver to Milind Endo?

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Most of the arrangements made for Gulliver's visit to Mildendo involve measures taken to make sure he does not cause any accidental destruction of the tiny metropolis. These can be found in Chapters 3 and 4 of Part I of the book.

After his release by the Lilliputians, Gulliver requests to visit their capital of Mildendo. In order to visit Mildendo, Gulliver must abide by the terms of the contract he agreed to with the Lilliputians. The emperor needs to grant him permission to visit, which is given at least two hours in advance. He must walk carefully so as not to step on anyone or anything and must keep to the main roads. Gulliver has to promise that he will not hurt anyone in the city or cause any destruction, and the people of Mildendo are given advanced notice of Gulliver's arrival. Gulliver wears his waistcoat in order to protect the tops of the building which would be damaged by the skirts of his longer jacket. The people of Mildendo are ordered to stay inside their homes to avoid being trampled. In order to enter the city, Gulliver simply steps over the gate.

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