In The Great Gatsby, what arrangements are made regarding the passengers of each car on the trip to the city?

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It is in Chapter 7 that Gatsby and his guests decide to go to town. Remember at this stage that Daisy, Tom's wife, is having an affair with Gatsby and being very indiscreet about it. It is clear that Tom suspects that something is going on. Gatsby at first suggests that they all go in his car, but then Tom says Gatsby can take his car and Tom will drive Gatsby's car. He tries to encourage Daisy to go in the car with him, however, Daisy tells him to take Nick and Jordan with him and she says that she will go with Gatsby.

The language that is used that describes how she moves to Gatsby away from her husband is very important to note. For example, when Tom tries to get her to go with him, she "moved out from the circle of his arm." Then, having told him to take Nick and Jordan, she "walked close to Gatsby, touching his coat with her hand."

It is clear that Daisy is being very obvious about he affair with Gatsby and almost flaunting it in front of her husband. Of course, we know that Tom is likewise having an affair with Myrtle, so the hypocrisy and deceit is something that both people are now experiencing.

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