On a test for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, what kind of quotes could be used as part of the test?

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Since our answers are limited to answering one question, to give you 30 quotes isn't feasible.  To study for such a test, you will need to think of famous quotes such as, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" or another such as the chorus in the Prologue which talks of "a pair of star-crossed lovers".  What you need to do is list the important characters or places where people help the reader understand what is happening.  For example, under Juliet, you could list the "only love"  coming from her hate, the Prologue about fate, the Queen Mab speech, the Nurse who is concerned about Juliet, the Friar as he participates in the conspiracy,  and the Prince in his dereliction of duty quotes.  There are others to consider also, but the idea is to use the characters in famous situations where what they say advances the play and clearly delineates how they feel. Only you know the discussion in your class and what was emphasized; use that information to find your quotes to study.

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