What are the arguments for and against the person centered counselling theory developed by Carl Rogers?who influenced. is it psychotherapy

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Carl Rogers believed that all organisms seek to improve their environments and lives. This, of course, includes man. His psychotherapy was based on the idea that man is basically good and when left in a non-directive environment, could determine the direction of his own therapy and discover what is best for himself. The therapist's job was to ask insightful questions which would help the client deal with his own problems. The key to one's agreement or disagreement with his approach is how one views man. If the one holds that human beings are driven by antisocial behaviors and the therapist must help the patient suppress those behaviors, then one is going to disagree with Rogers and his approach. If one believea that man is basically driven to overcome obstacles and improve himself, what Rogers called self-actualization, then one will tend to agree with the Rogerian approach. What Rogers did do, however, was tp reject the traditional Freudian authoritarian stance of a therapist and replace it with on which stressed a close relationship between the client and therapist. Since Rogers published his theories, different methods of applying his and others' ideas have developed. However, therapists generally still try to have some kind of positive relationship with their patients instead of being rigid authoritarian figures.