What were the arguments of the Federalists?What were the arguments of the Antifederalists?

What were the arguments of the Federalists?

What were the arguments of the Antifederalists?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Federalists and the Antifederalists had different viewpoints on many topics. One area they saw differently dealt with the power and the size of the federal government. The Federalists wanted the federal government to have a great deal of power. They believed a weak federal government would cause problems for our country. The Antifederalists, on the other hand, wanted the state governments to have more power. They believed the federal government should be small in size. They were concerned a strong federal government would abuse its powers.

The Federalists believed in a loose view of the Constitution. This would allow the federal government to do more things unless they were specifically outlawed in the Constitution. The Antifederalists supported a strict view of the Constitution because they believed it would restrict what the federal government could do. This would reduce the power of the federal government. A good example of this viewpoint can be seen with their position on the national bank. The Federalists supported the creation of the national bank while the Antifederalists were against the creation of it.

The Antifederalists were concerned the Constitution didn’t protect the people’s rights. They insisted a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution. The Federalists didn’t believe this was necessary. However, they agreed to add a Bill of Rights in order for the Constitution to be ratified.

The Federalists and the Antifederalists had differences of opinion on many topics.