What argument does the creature offer in support of his demand, why?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of the creature's rationale for demanding a companion is that it feels that this is owed to him.  In this discussion, the reader sees the pure greatness of Mary Shelley and the implications of her work.  In a move which predates Modernism, the created essentially puts the creator on trial.  The former never asked to be brought into the world.  This revelation is powerful and proves to be quite compelling in assessing the battle of ethical responsibility between the monster and Victor.  Part of what the creature demands is owed to him by Victor because he was brought into the world and then abandoned by the creator.  Once Victor saw the hideous nature of his creation, he fled and the monster had to develop consciousness and understanding entirely on his own.  He asks for a companion and then stresses to Victor that he will leave.  Victor does not accept the offer because of his ethical stance against creating another creature.  Yet, this does not absolve him from his responsibility towards his initial creation.  These are some of the arguments and their implications offered in the dialgue between both creator and created.   The symbolism featured is truly profound.

mkcapen1 | Student

Victor Frankenstein has created a creature so vile and horrid looking that neither man nor woman can look upon it without fear or loathing.  While living in a cave the creature had a chance to observe and learn about the comfort of togetherness. For the first time, after meeting the blind man, he is able to have a human being talk with him without screaming or rejecting him.  He is so desperate he asks the blind man for him and his family to save him from his loneliness and aloneness.  When the family comes in and sees the creature one faints and the others have the same rejection and horror in their faces and responses.  The creature realizes that he will never have someone to care about him.  He is lonely.  He is a human despite appearances and he needs a companion.  He tells Victor to make him a female and that he will take her and go off with her to a place where no one will ever see them again.

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