What areas of moral consideration need to be examined by business people?In detail and very descriptive would be very helpful, thanks !

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In our business climate with all the scandals, business ethics is an important topic. Even recently the SEC cracked down on another insider trading case. In light of this, in my opinion, there are two areas where the business community needs to do better.

First, we need to stop insider trading. There is way too much information floating around. Most of it is not even caught. It needs to be stated that all insider trading is wrong. It gives an unfair advantage to people. In connection with this, senators and representatives need to stop insider trading as well. They are not restrictions on them. This is a mockery of justice. As public officials, they need to set the standard.

Second, business people often follow the letter of the law without following the spirit of the law. In other words, they try to find every loophole possible. There is something very unethical about this. Corporations are guilty of this as well.


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Basically what areas of moral consideration should business people spend more time on?

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