What areas did Progressives think were in need of reform? What did reformers want from the government? What was the reaction of the government to the demands of the Progressives?How did the government’s role in American society change as a result of the Progressive Movement?

Progressives thought that issues as diverse as taxation, election of senators, prohibition, monopolies, voting rights, and housing were in need of reform. Reformers wanted the government to better protect citizens from capitalists, landlords, and so-called immoral elements of society. Reformers were frequently voted into government, so many reforms were enacted into law. The government became more responsible for the daily life of citizens due to the Progressive movement.

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There are several questions here, but they are closely related enough that they can be answered by looking at how the Progressive Era, and Progressive reformers themselves, changed the relationship between the American people and their governments. In short, Progressives as a whole argued that the changes that swept American society in the last decades of the nineteenth century posed new challenges that had to be addressed by the government.

These included such diverse concerns as alcohol abuse, living and working conditions for the nation's working classes, and even government itself. What...

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