What are two stressors at the party Brent attends in chapter 1 of Whirligig?

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First of all, Brent is stressed out when he shows up at the party because his friend Jonathan forgot to tell him about the dress code. The theme of the party is chess, and everyone's supposed to turn up dressed from head to toe in black or white. So Brent feels completely out of place right from the start.

Things get worse when Chaz introduces himself and starts moving Brent around like a giant chess piece. Chaz seems to gain a great deal of satisfaction from moving Brent around diagonally on the chess board just like a bishop. (The reason being that Brent's surname is Bishop). Brent feels like slugging Chaz, but as Chaz is much bigger than him, not to mention the coolest guy in class, he thinks better of it.

Instead, he waits until Chaz has finished moving him around before pouring himself a scotch and soda to calm himself down. Little does Brent know it, but this fateful decision will come to have devastating consequences, both for himself and others.

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