A Christmas Carol Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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What are two reasons Fred gives for coming to visit his uncle during Christmas time?

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Scrooge's nephew Fred doesn't give any specific reason for visiting his uncle at the beginning of the story. However, his reasons are clear. He wants to wish his uncle a merry Christmas and invite him to his house for Christmas dinner. Fred is full of Chrismas cheer and refuses to be upset when his uncle not only turns down his offer, but also reminds Fred that he is poor and has no right to be so full of life. Fred responds by telling his uncle that he no right to be miserable when is so rich.

Later on in the novel, Scrooge visits Fred's house with the second spirit. He overhears Fred telling his wife that he plans to visit his uncle every year to remind him it's Christmas and invite him to Christmas dinner: "He can't help thinking about it if I keep going in good spirits, year after year."

Scrooge watches on with the spirit as Fred and his family and friends eat dinner, play party games, and even say a toast in Scrooge's honor. It makes Scrooge feel happy about himself and even a little merry.

At the end of the novel, Scrooge visits Fred to accept his invitation to dinner. Fred is so happy to see him that it is a "wonder his nephew didn't shake his arm off."

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