What are two humorous events in To Kill A Mockingbird chapters 1–3?

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In the first three chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee acquaints the reader with Jean Louise “Scout” Finch’s outlook on life and the members of her family and immediate social circle. Scout finds certain events and people as entertaining. In addition, sometimes others are entertained at Scout's expense.

When Scout and her brother Jem first get to know Charles Baker “Dill” Harris, a boy who will become their close friend, they are happy at the novelty of finding a new kid in town. Dill, who comes from Mississippi, is a source of great entertainment for the Finch children. Scout finds humor in his renditions of books that they have not read and films they have not seen. His enthusiasm for telling stories makes his eyes light up, and “his laugh [is] happy and sudden.” She also considers that they are “lucky to have Dill” because he plays diverse parts in stories that they enact, especially those that Scout did not enjoy, such as “the ape in Tarzan .” She dubs Dill...

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