What are two examples of imagery or sensory details in "Rules of the Game"?

Imagery and sensory details fill this story, but one example is found early in the story as Waverly describes the smells and sounds that fill her two-bedroom flat above a Chinese bakery each morning. Another is located in the section where she describes how her mother styles her hair each morning.

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This piece of writing has excellent sensory details that really engage the reader's senses. This is one of my favorite examples:

In the early morning, when the alley was still quiet, I could smell fragrant red beans as they were cooked down to a pasty sweetness. By daybreak, our flat was heavy with the odor of fried sesame balls and sweet curried chicken crescents. From my bed, I could listen as my father got ready for work, then locked the door behind him, one-two-three clicks.

These are the smells and sounds of the narrator's childhood, and there is routine in these familiar sounds and smells. These details convey the rich smells which envelop the young girl in her two-bedroom flat which rests over a Chinese bakery and the finality of her father's departure from that little flat each morning as he left for work.

Another example is located later as the narrator describes the process of getting ready for school:

Each morning before school, my mother would twist and yank on my thick black hair until...

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