What are two examples of alliteration in Fahrenheit 451 with page numbers?  

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Ray Bradbury uses alliteration throughout the book. Sometimes he uses it to convey high emotion and tense situations, and other times, he uses it as a poetical device to help the flow of the writing.

You can find the first examples as early as the first page when the author uses alliteration to convey the excitement Montag feels while he burns books:

Blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history. (3)

Bradbury further conveys this good feeling as Montag is leaving work:

At the last moment, when disaster seemed positive, he pulled his hands from his pockets and broke his fall by grasping the golden pole. (4)

He emphasizes this feeling of joy even further as Montag starts his walk home:

He walked out the of the fire station and along the midnight street toward the subway where the silent air-propelled train slid soundlessly. (4)

As well as showing joy, one can also use alliteration to heighten tension. Notice how in this example, the words beginning with s really jump...

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