The Skin I'm In

by Sharon Flake
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What are twenty main events in The Skin I'm In?

Some main events in The Skin I'm In include Maleeka being bullied for the color of her skin, receiving a new haircut, damaging her teacher's classroom, and being noticed for her writing skills.

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As others answering your question have mentioned, the phrase "main events" is ambiguous and will vary from reader to reader. What I consider to be the main events may be different from what you consider the main events to be, and chances are that if you discussed as many as 20 points in an essay, your points would be rather diluted.

The first "incident" to discuss would be Maleeka Madison being teased about the color of her skin. You'd definitely mention that a new teacher, Miss Saunders, arrived at McClenton Middle School. Miss Saunders is a particularly significant character because he has a facial skin disorder, and in a strange way, this makes Maleeka feel better abut herself because there's someone else who's skin isn't "normal."

Over time, Miss Saunders notices that Maleeka is a good writer, which allows Maleeka to build some newly-won self confidence. In my opinion, another important moment in this great story is when Maleeka realizes that she has been judging Miss Saunders cruelly, in the exact same manner in which her classmates have been judging her.

Another important incident is Maleeka and her classmate, Char, coming to a twisted agreement in which, in exchange for Char being superficially friendly to her and lending her clothes, Maleeka will do Char's homework for her.

This great novel for young adults is filled with significant events, life lessons, and reminders of the fact that everyone's words and actions have an impact on other people.

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The Skin I’m In is a realistic young-adult story of a young Black girl, Maleeka Madison, who struggles with self-esteem issues because of her dark skin. Maleeka navigates a variety of challenges and experiences before she finally comes to love the skin that she’s in. There are many themes and main events throughout the story, which makes it difficult to identity a specific number of events. Furthermore, main events are a subjective term, and as such, what I consider a main event will be different than what another person considers a main event. Instead, I'll discuss three events that I feel are impactful to the story.

The relationship between Char and Maleeka is of particular note. In one event, Char pressures Maleeka into trashing Ms. Saunders’s classroom, which ultimately results in the room going up in flames and Maleeka’s mom being called.

Another important event is when Maleeka decides to get a new haircut in an effort to fit in. She feels that the haircut will make her feel better about herself and change the way others view her.

Ms. Saunders takes notice of Maleeka’s writing, which is an important event in Maleeka’s journey to build self-confidence. Not only does her writing help her grade, but it is also important to Maleeka that someone else sees the value in something she is doing.

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There are a couple of things that need to be stated in a question like this.  The first is that the idea of "main events" will differ from person to person.  Therefore, what I consider to be the 20 main events of a story might not be what another person considers to be "main events."  It is important that this is kept in mind with a question like this.  Another issue is that, unless there is specific directions to counter, really anything can count as a main idea.  The internal revelations of characters, the discovery of their motivations, as well as implications of the plot development and thematic conctent connection can constitute as a "main event."  It is important to keep this in mind.

Accordingly, coming up with 20 statements of Maleeka's experience is not that difficult.  The setting can be one main event, the description of the main character can take up multiple main events, the interaction with her English teacher, Miss Saunders, can be another event, as well as Miss Saunders' description of her skin can represent another.  Following this, 20 events is something that can happen with relative ease.

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