What are twelve of the most negative issues involving Walmart as an international company?

Walmart’s negative issues as an international company revolve around discrimination claims, sourcing products from European countries, anti-competition practices, unfair treatment of its suppliers, poor environmental practices, benefiting from government subsidies, and intrusion of worker privacy.

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  1. Former female employees have taken Walmart to court for treating them unfairly because they are women.
  2. Walmart has settled lawsuits from former employees that claim to have been discriminated against because of their disability.
  3. A pregnant employee took Walmart to court because the company didn’t provide pregnancy accommodations. She blamed the company for discriminating against her because of her pregnancy.
  4. Walmart has been accused of racial discrimination, especially when hiring new workers.
  5. Contrary to its pledge to support American manufacturers and businesses, Walmart is in the spotlight for allowing European and Asian suppliers to join its online vendor platform.
  6. Walmart has been accused of predatory pricing to get rid of smaller competitors.
  7. Since Walmart prides itself in selling goods at low prices, it demands the same from suppliers. In fact, suppliers don’t have a say—it’s either they lower their prices or Walmart stops buying from them. This unfair treatment of suppliers is causing outrage in the business community.
  8. Walmart continues to expand and open new branches everywhere. Only a small percentage of its stores use renewable energy. The majority use fossil fuel, which contributes to more CO2 emissions.
  9. Walmart’s expansion and construction of supercenters on virgin land threaten the natural habitat of indigenous species.
  10. Walmart has been accused of downgrading environmental conservation efforts by funding politicians that are against protection policies.
  11. Even though Walmart is a private company, it benefits from government subsidies. Some people claim that the company is misusing public funds.
  12. Walmart wants to start monitoring worker and consumer conversations—a move that impedes individual privacy.
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