What are three main events in Turtles All the Way Down?

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The book explores the actions of two friends, Aza and Daisy, in the wake of a billionaire's disappearance. The first main event that occurs is the two girls trespassing upon and exploring the house and grounds of Russell Pickett, the missing billionaire, in hopes of finding clues to find the man, so they can receive the reward money. They meet his son in the process, Davis.

Later in the novel, after damaging her burgeoning relationship with Davis, Aza realizes that she has hurt Daisy, who expresses her anger through the Star Wars fan fiction she writes. The two argue, which leads to a car crash after which Aza is taken to the hospital. Once out of the hospital, the two girls reconcile.

The final event culminates the plot of the novel, as the girls come across Russell Pickett's dead body. They give Davis information on where he is so that he can lead the police there anonymously.

Event 1: Aza and Daisy investigate Russell Pickett’s house.

Early in the book, Daisy urges Aza to come...

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