What are three conflicts for Sodapop in the book The Outsiders? Provide one direct quote for each conflict.

In The Outsiders, Sodapop experiences a conflict regarding the health and well-being of Pony when he skips town and hides from the authorities with Johnny. Soda is worried about his youngest brother and fears for his safety. Soda also experiences a conflict with Darry and Pony when he is forced to act as an intermediary to prevent them from constantly fighting. Soda experiences another conflict involving Sandy when he discovers that she cheated on him and has moved to Florida.

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One of the major conflicts Soda faces in the novel concerns how to cope with Pony's absence following the death of Bob Sheldon. After Johnny stabbed Bob Sheldon in self-defense, he and Pony sought Dally's advice and skipped town. When Dally visits Pony and Johnny in Windrixville, he gives him a letter from Soda. Soda reveals his anxiety, fear, and anguish regarding his younger brother's serious situation in the letter to Pony by writing,
Well I guess you got into some trouble, huh? Darry and me nearly went nuts when you ran out like that. Darry is awful sorry he hit you. You know he didn't mean it. And then you and Johnny turned up missing and what with that dead kid in the park and Dally getting hauled into the station, well it scared us something awful.
At this point in the story, Soda is worried about Pony's well-being and scared that his younger brother is in trouble with the police.
Another significant conflict Soda faces in the novel concerns his relationship with Darry and Pony. Soda is...

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