What are three character traits of Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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One of Puck's main character traits is mischievousness. We learn about his mischievous character when we first meet him in the second act. Puck's fellow fairy asks Puck to verify if he is "that shrewd and knavish sprite / Call'd Robin Goodfellow" (II.i.33-34). The term "shrewd" can be translated as either intellectually sharp or malicious, meaning having a tendency to want to cause harm (Collins English Dictionary). The term "knavish" can be translated as "mischievous." Therefore, Puck's fellow sprite is accusing Puck of being an intellectually devilish, or mischievous little fairy. Both Puck's fellow fairy and Puck himself go on to describe different antics Puck has been known for, such as scaring the maidens in the village...

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