What are things that Steve hates and that make him upset?

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As a sensitive sixteen-year-old adolescent, Steve Harmon vehemently hates being in jail and is extremely upset that he is on trial for his life. Steve reveals his inner thoughts and feelings in his journal entries, where he writes about his harrowing experience. In his journal entry on Tuesday, July 7th, Steve writes that he hates jail and the only thing keeping him sane is thinking about the movie script he is writing, which chronicles his experience on trial for his life. Steve also mentions that he is constantly in danger and finds it difficult to express how much he hates being behind bars, alongside violent inmates.

In Steve's July 9th journal entry, he recalls how James King tried to intimidate and scare him before they entered the courtroom. However, Steve was not scared at all, because every moment in prison is significantly more terrifying. Steve mentions that he not only fears the other inmates but is scared of the guards and afraid of the judge. Whenever Steve contemplates his fate, his stomach becomes sick and he thinks about throwing up. Steve also gets upset that the prosecuting attorney and judge cannot see him for the person he truly is: an innocent, scared teenager. He recognizes that his race plays a prominent role in how he is perceived by the jury and is upset that he cannot be judged on his inherent qualities.

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