What are the two ways to win at kite running?

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The two ways to win at kite running are to keep your own kite in the air for longer than anyone else and to capture the kites of your opponents (particularly the last to fall).

In The Kite Runner, kite flying and kite running are described as competitive and combative sports. The string of the kite is coated with glue and then covered with ground glass, making it abrasive. This means that kite flyers often sustain injuries to their hands, which are worn as badges of honor. It also means that the string of one's own kite can be used to sever the string of someone else's.

One way to win, therefore, is to avoid having the string of your kite severed. If you can do this for long enough, yours will be the last kite in the sky. However, the kite runner can also win by running after and capturing the severed kite of an opponent. If all the kites have their strings severed, therefore, the ultimate winner is the kite runner who captures the last of these kites to fall.

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