What are the top inequalities in Animal Farm?

The top inequalities in Animal Farm concern Napoleon and the pigs' exploitation of the other animals for profit and their privileged status as elite members of the farm. Napoleon makes every policy decision, and the other animals are forced to engage in arduous manual labor. The pigs also benefit from the animals by selling their commodities to humans while simultaneously oppressing them. The pigs also enjoy the best food, shelter, and education while the other animals starve.

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By the end of the book, the gap between the pigs and the other animals, except for the dogs that guards the pigs, has grown very wide. The pigs live openly like humans. They reside in Farmer Jones's former house, wear clothes, and eat very well. They drink alcohol, hobnob with humans from other farms, and commandeer almost all of the wealth of the farm so that they can have whatever they want. When humans come and tour Animal Farm, they marvel that it is more efficient than their own farms. By this they mean that the pigs have more ruthlessly and effectively oppressed their farm animals than the humans have.

The worst inequalities are the stranglehold the pigs have over the government and over education. They make all the rules and use violence—their privileged dog police force—to enforce them. The rules of Animal Farm are all designed to privilege and enrich the pigs, and they brazenly change the Seven Commandments to hollow them of any meaning. The other animals seem helpless to...

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