What are the top 10 most important events in the novel Deadline?

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The following are the ten most important events in the novel Deadline by Chris Crutcher.

A blood test reveals that high school student Ben Wolf has a rare blood disease and has less than a year to live.

As part of his commitment to live life to its fullest, Ben tries out for and wins a place on his high school football team.

Ben's long time love interest Dallas Suzuki asks Ben to the homecoming dance.

Ben and Dallas have sex. However, Dallas's indifference to it leaves Ben confused.

Along with reading subversive books, a friendship with the town drunk, Rudy McAvoy, begins to open Ben's eyes to the world. He even campaigns to rename a white-populated street after the African American leader Malcolm X.

Along with his brother Cody, Ben helps his school win the homecoming football game.

After the homecoming dance, Dallas tells Ben that her uncle used to molest her.

Ben and Dallas's relationship grows stronger, but Ben still cannot bring himself to tell her about his blood disease. Dallas tells him that the boy that everyone thinks is her little brother is in fact her son from her uncle.

Rudy is the first person Ben decides to tell about his blood disease. He then tells his football coach and Dallas. Coach tells Ben he will stick by him, but Dallas is furious that he hadn't told her before.

Ben soon falls gravely ill. On the last day of his life, Dallas comes in to see him.

At the end of the book, Cody reads out Ben's graduation speech to the school.

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