What are the three stages of Winston's reintegration in 1984?

According to O'Brien, the three stages of Winston Smith's reintegration are learning, understanding, and acceptance.

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In the first stage of Winston's reintegration in the Ministry of Love, he is physically tortured and forced to confess to imaginary crimes against the Party. Party intellectuals continually interrogate Winston during this phase and break him down mentally. Winston is completely exhausted and in constant pain during this stage as O'Brien and other Party intellectuals demonstrate Big Brother's complete authority. During this stage, Winston recognizes and acknowledges that he cannot defeat the Party and learns that complete and utter power is the government's primary concern. He realizes his attempts to outwit the Party are useless and learns that the totalitarian regime controls virtually every aspect of reality.

In the second stage of Winston's reintegration, O'Brien utilizes a machine known as "the Dial," which inflicts an immense amount of pain on Winston when O'Brien feels that he is lying. During this phase, O'Brien influences Winston to dismiss logic and exercise doublethink. Winston...

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