What are the three most important differences between Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire and the original Roman Empire?

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The Roman Empire lasted for some five hundred years—or one thousand if one includes the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. This means that it changed radically over the period during which it existed.

In terms of religion, Rome was originally pagan and gradually became Christianized. Thus one had more religious diversity in the Roman Empire than under Charlemagne, under whom Christianity was consistently the state religion.

The Roman Empire was far larger and more diverse than the Frankish one. It spanned what would now be over 13 modern countries. It had two official languages: Latin was used in the west, Greek was used in the east, and various other local languages were in use throughout the empire. It was ethnically diverse, with a wide range of cultural traditions. Charlemagne's empire was much smaller and ethnically Frankish. People spoke either Latin or Frankish, with Latin being the language of government and the church.

Slave ownership was widespread in the Roman Empire, with...

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