The Old Man and the Sea Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea book cover
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What are the things that the boy does to help Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea?

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At the beginning of the story, the boy, Manolin, helps Santiago by helping to carry his equipment, including his fishing line, his harpoon, and his sail. The boy also tries to help the old man by reminding him of happier times, when together they caught lots of fish. Santiago is sad because he has had no luck catching fish for a long time, and the boy tries to comfort him and cheer him up. The boy also fetches sardines and fresh bait for the old man and helps to push his boat into the water when it is his time to go fishing again.

At the end of the story, when Santiago is utterly exhausted and feels defeated, the boy helps him by looking after him. He brings him coffee, sits by his bed to talk to him, and tells the other men not to disturb him. Manolin then tries to comfort the old man by promising to go out with him again the next time he goes fishing, despite the fact that the old man is considered to have bad luck.

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