What are the themes of Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper?

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This novel is a quintessential "road to success" sort of story, typical of the early 1900s life in America, where people from humble beginnings were all dreaming of finding great success and wealth. This outlines these themes as idealism, fame, and the wealth gap are threaded throughout this story.

Sam Patch, the title character, is from a humble town and is born into relative poverty and obscurity. He, like so many others, wishes to be wealthy and famous. He pursues the typical American Dream: that you can make a name for yourself if you work hard enough and find a way to break through. His perseverance leads to him becoming well known and beginning to find some success in his efforts as a jumper. Sam succeeds in pursuing his ideal, finding wealth and fame as the acclaimed jumper, and people begin to flock to see him. He has started from a very humble origin and becomes extremely famous.

In the end, he even personifies other ideas—becoming the symbol of the "Everyman," fighting for...

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