What are the themes, literary devices, and structure/form of the poem "An Unstamped Letter On Our Rural Letter Box"?

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The theme of the poem is to assert the dignity of a tramp, a homeless man who sleeps under a farmer's juniper tree to try to keep warm. The poem shows this homeless man to be sensitive, resourceful, and educated, and to love nature and have memories and a soul that are touched by the sight of two stars that seem to merge in the night sky.

One literary device Frost uses is apostrophe. Apostrophe is when someone absent or an inanimate object is addressed in a work of literature. In this case, the tramp himself is addressing the farmer on whose land he slept. He notes that the man's dog barked all night, so he wants to explain himself and what he was doing there, which is why he leaves a letter without a stamp in the farmer's mailbox. He wishes the farmer to know he wasn't at "his locks" or trying to break in and burglarize his house.

The tramp uses a simile , a comparison that uses the words "like" or "as," when he says the man's property was "like a city park." In other words, it seemed to...

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