What are the themes in Second-Class Citizen?

One of the themes in Second-Class Citizen is the importance of female emancipation. Throughout the novel, Adah gradually tries to break free from the shackles of patriarchal culture to become her own woman. It's only when she finally does so by leaving her husband that she's able to take control of her own destiny.

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The novel Second-Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta presents several important themes including misogyny, immigration, racial prejudice, and female strength.

The novel reveals the deeply engrained misogyny in Nigerian culture. As a young girl, Adah longs for an education, but her family will not send her to school, for they view education as unnecessary for females. Adah goes anyway, however, and is allowed to continue her education when her family realizes that they will get a higher bride-price for an educated young woman.

As Adah grows older, she decides to forgo further education because of pressure from her family to marry. They would like her to marry an older man, but Adah wants to make her own choice and marries Francis Obi. Francis, however, turns out to be just as misogynist as others in their homeland. After Adah joins him in London, Francis forces himself on her, beats and abuses her, and refuses to care for their children. Eventually, when Adah seeks divorce, Francis denies that...

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