La Belle Zoraïde Questions and Answers
by Kate Chopin

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What are the themes in La Belle Zoraïde by Kate Chopin? This is a study guide question posted by eNotes Editorial. Please clearly identify at least 3 themes and devote a separate paragraph to a discussion of each one

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People Can Be Incredibly Cruel Under the Guise of Kindness

Madame Delarivière has raised Zoraïde to be well-mannered and cultured, and she wants her slave and goddaughter to marry well. She is unwilling to listen to Zoraïde's claims that she loves another man, Mézor, because Mézor is a dark-skinned field hand, and this match will not bring honor to Zoraïde or, by association, to Madame Delarivière. By denying Zoraïde's request, her mistress believes that she is really being kind despite the fact that she is denying Zoraïde's desire to marry the man she loves. Later, Madame Delarivière has the nurse tell Zoraïde that her baby has died, and she hopes that this will...

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