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The primary themes of Holes are justice, friendship, and integrity.


When Stanley is arrested for allegedly stealing the shoes, he expects justice. Instead, justice is much longer coming. We see how justice can be warped, as in the case of how the Warden treats the children at Camp Green Lake, the way the townspeople react to Sam and Kate's relationship, and how Kissin' Kate Barlow seeks "justice" in the form of retribution.

By the end of the novel, Stanley finds true justice, as he is exonerated and Camp Green Lake is shut down.

A theme statement for this might be: "The universe ultimately settles on justice."


Throughout the novel, Stanley discovers the true meaning—and power—of friendship. He starts out without friends, but his Camp Green Lake experience becomes more tolerable with the friendship of others like Zero. Ultimately, Stanley's and Zero's friendship reverses the curse and saves both of their families and Green Lake itself.

A theme statement for...

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