What are the themes covered in the third letter of Pamela by Samuel Richardson?

The third letter of Pamela explores the themes of temptation and of appearance versus reality. Pamela reassures her worried father that even though her master is giving her gifts, this would never tempt her to abandon her virtue. However, she mistakes appearance for reality when she states that she cannot believe the people around her have bad intentions because they treat her with kindness. She also believes her own kindness will be repaid with kindness.

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Two important themes which come up in letter III in Pamela and will be recurrent throughout the novel are the temptation of riches and flattery and appearance versus reality.

At this point, very early in the novel, Pamela shows herself to be both virtuous and naive. Her mistress has just died and her parents have written her, full of fear that the gifts her master has given her and the elevation of her status means he is planning to seduce her and ruin her...

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