What are the themes and techniques in the poem "Bitter Strawberries" by Sylvia Plath?

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The main themes are xenophobia (fear of foreigners or ‘Others’) and stubbornness with that prejudice and war mentality. This poem directly refers to the Cold War which was basically a game of chicken between the Western powers, primarily the United States, and The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.), now Russia. The Cold War was ‘hot’ in that it was in fact fought in places like Korea and Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis where the United States was fighting communism and trying to deter Russian influence around the world. The Cold War was a period of international tension where nuclear world war seemed like a definite possibility. Since the clash never occurred, it was called Cold.

In “Bitter Strawberries,” a free-verse narrative, the narrator is working in a strawberry field. Plath once worked in fields and this is a reference to that. She overhears a woman, the boss, say that we should just “blow...

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