What are the ten most important events in The Westing Game?

The most important events in "The Westing Game" include when everyone moves in to Sunset Towers, Turtle sees a dead body, the will is read and tenants are paired, a bomb goes off at the coffee shop, a bomb goes off at the Chinese restaurant, a bomb goes off at the bridal shower, Turtle sets off a bomb in the elevator, the heirs answer the question wrong at, Turtle holds a trial, Turtle wins the game and wins a prize.

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The first significant event in The Westing Game is the filling of the apartment house, Sunset Towers. The residents have all been personally invited.

The next important development is the discovery of a body, presumed to be that of Samuel Westing, in his isolated mansion. Turtle, a girl who lives in Sunset Towers, makes the discovery.

The third most important event is when the game begins. At the reading of Sam Westing’s will, his heirs learn the conditions of the competition and their partners’ identities.

Events four and five are two bombings. The first explosion is in the coffee shop, and the second is in the Chinese restaurant. The second one injures Sydelle.

The sixth event is during the wedding shower of Angela (Turtle's sister) when a third bomb goes off and injures her face.

For event seven, Turtle sets another bomb to protect her sister, whom she has identified as the bomber.

An eighth important event is the arrest of Bertha Crow (actually Westing’s ex-wife) for murdering...

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