What are the sound effects of repetition in the poem "The Raven"?

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In this poem, there is a great deal of sound repetition, and this repetition has a number of interesting effects on the reader.

For example, there is the poem's perhaps most immediately recognizable sound device, end rhyme; lines 2, 4, and 5 of each stanza contain end rhyme (when the final word of each line rhymes with the other final words).  In the first stanza, then, the words "lore" (line 2), "door" (4), and "door (5) rhyme. 

Further, each stanza also contains internal rhyme, and this is when there are two or more rhyming words within the same line.  Internal rhyme occurs in line 3 of each stanza.  In the first stanza, then, on the third line, "napping" and "tapping" rhyme; in the second stanza, on the ninth line, "morrow" and "borrow" rhyme, and so...

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